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Aafri Fudi

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Our Products

Automated hydroponic system customized depending on the client's available space, needs, and finances. An automated hydroponic system that:
  • Improve water efficiency
  • Be non-labor intensive
  • Require no soil
  • Be automatic
  • Have fewer pests diseases
  • Grow more profitable and reliable harvests
  • Have increased plant growth rate
  • Maximize profitable space
  • About
    Aafri Fudi


    Our mission is to pioneer the next generation of agricultural technologies


    Our vision is to positively impact lives through agricultural solutions



    Elizabeth is a Co-founder and CEO of Aafri Fudi. Elizabeth believes that Africa can feed herself with the available resources. With a mission to work towards daily food availability through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship, Elizabeth is determined to promote food security in Africa.

    She has trained 1000+ people across Africa on Agribusiness. She has won awards such as Mandela Washington Fellowship and Africa YES Fellowship due to her outstanding work in Agribusiness.

    Elizabeth is a Certified Agribusiness Manager and Hydroponic Technologist.Her work has been featured in Businessday in Nigeria and Daily Nation in Kenya.

    Elizabeth holds a degree in Microbiology from Karatina University and certificate in Entrepreneurship and Leadership from ALX.


    • Hydroponic fodder production @ $350

      Hydroponic vegetable production @ $500

      Hydroponic nutrient formulation @ $500

      Hydroponic crop management @ $350

      Hydroponic strawberry farming @ $500

      Hydroponic herbs production @ $350

      Seedlings propagation @ $350



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